Vanguard ZERO - The wait is over!!

Vanguard ZERO - The wait is over!! - TCG Master

“Vanguard ZERO”, the definitive Card Fight RPG based on the highly acclaimed TCG, “Cardfight!! Vanguard”, for iOS and Android mobile devices is now available for download!!

A rich Story Mode and a plethora of Quests will keep you occupied in solo play, but the main course is definitely the white-hot competitive PVP modes where you can battle players all over the world, or engage your friends in a Friend Fight!

Players can also look forward to a mobile game filled with Vanguard’s charms such as characters, individual stories, cardfights, and the “My Room” feature where you can customize your personal space with your favorite characters and furniture.

Vanguard ZERO isn't your regular Cardfight Vanguard. It's an entirely new format. The game features all your favorite units in head to head battle without the option of "GUARD". However, in this new format damages you get increases your power till the end of the turn. That's a guaranteed damage trigger! Another interesting thing is that all drive checks go to the bottom of the deck instead of the hand. Also, triggers aren't graded 0 as the norm and in this exciting new format, the Grade 3s are the triggers! 

Download it now and experience the thrill of Cardfight Vanguard in a new unique way! TCGMaster has lots of Vanguard players too. If you're ever in the mood to play and meet the fighters, drop us a message and we'll be sure to get back to you! We'll see you on planet cray!

- KCStyles

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